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Trespa TopLabPLUS laboratory countertop

Manufacturer: Trespa

Model: TopLabPlus


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Trespa TopLabPLUS laboratory countertop
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  • Countertop


  • Any lab work surface that must withstand chemicals, acids and moisture.
  • Surfaces that must be resistant to bacteria, fungus or contaminant.
  • Sterile areas.
  • Surfaces that must resist histological and microscopical dyes and stains.
  • Chemically resistant. For complete results, please see Chemical Resistance Test Results
  • Heat resistant. It can be continuously exposed to temperature up to 284F and it can withstand short-term (20 min.) exposure of up to 356F
  • Easy to clean. TopLabPLUS has minimal joints, reducing the risk of contamination and simplifying cleaning
  • Machinable. It can be worked liked hardwood, and it is easy to incorporate drip grooves, sinks, cupsinks and fixtures into the lab design
  • Hygienic. The smooth, non-porous surface of TopLabPLUS does not support the growth of bacteria or fungi, and micro-organisms cannot penetrate its core
  • Stain resistant. TopLabPLUS is extremely resistant to most histological and microscopical dyes and stains
  • Easy to decontaminate. TopLabPLUS panels are suitable for radio-labelled compounds and are easy to decontaminate
  • Moisture resistant. TopLabPLUS is highly resistant to humidity and suitable for such wet environments as botanical research labs and sink area installations
Please include dimensions of pieces needed; stock thickness is 3/4 inch.  Stock color is black, please specify color choice.  If available please provide a diagram by fax or email.

TopLabPLUS is as easy to machine as hardwood. This allows for the easy incorporation in the design scheme of sinks, drip grooves, cup sinks, marine edges and the like. 
Lab Recyclers, Inc. is a supplier and finisher of Trespas line of laboratory countertop panels including Athelon and TopLabPLUS.  We also provide many accessories, such as sink basins, faucets, countertop mounted eyewash stations, and drip racks.

Trespas TopLabPLUS--The attractive multifunctional benchtop for laboratories.  TopLabPLUS is suitable for use as work surfaces and casework in most laboratory environments.  It is perfect for use as a work surface in laboratories where there are stringent requirements for chemical resistance and decontamination in the chemical, physical, microbiological and clinical areas.