Product ID: 845

Thermo Forma Cryoplus 1 LN2 Storage System 7400, 90 Liter

Manufacturer: Thermo Forma

Model: 7400

Weight: 260 lbs

Electrical: 120V, 50/60Hz


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#7135 Very Good Yes As Is

Thermo Electrons CryoPlus Series provides the perfect combination of liquid nitrogen storage reliability and microprocessor technology.  Inventory systems of racks, canisters, and frames are available for optimum storage in either liquid or vapor phase storage.

The CryoPlus Microprocessor Liquid Level Control and Alarm System provides precise and accurate control over all parameters without complicated programming.  For your convenience, 16 preset audible and visual alarm combinations provide maximum product protection.


  • Control: Microprocessor
  • Insulation: Vacuum
  • Interior: Stainless Steel
  • Third Party: UL, CSA, CE
  • Level & Alarm Status: Continuous Display
  • Lid Opening: Counter Balanced
  • Liquid Level Control: Pressure Differentiation
  • Storage capacity: 6,318 two-ml tubes