Product ID: 2031

Sorvall RC-5C Plus Superspeed Refrigerated Centrifuge-Parts Unit

Manufacturer: Sorvall

Model: RC-5C Plus

Weight: 700 lbs

Electrical: 220V/15A


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Price: $1,000.00

Sale: $1,000.00

The RC-5C Plus centrifuge drive system is equipped with a Universal/Drive motor, designed and manufactured by Sorvall, with automatic programmed acceleration and braking features. The motor armature is balanced to give quiet operation with minimum vibration over a full range of speeds. This feature extends the life of the bearings and brushes.


  • Microprocessor control
  • Temperature set range: -20C to 40C
  • Temperature control range: 2C to 40C at max. rotor speed
  • Temperature control accuracy: 1C of set temperature (after stabilization)
  • Drive system: High-torque, direct drive DC motor; 1.86 kw (2.5hp)
  • Braking system: Dynamic, electric brake Refrigeration system . Heavy-duty sealed compressor: 1.49kw (2hp)
  • Set speed range: 50 to 21,000 rpm; increments of 10 rpm
  • Speed control accuracy: 100 rpm or 1%, whichever is greater
  • Automatic rate control: acceleration control to 500 rpm; deceleration control from 700 rpm
  • Timer: digital; 0 to 99 hr, 59 min for TIMED RUNS (displays remaining time); HOLD (displays elapsed time

Rotor Compatability:

       Superspeed rotors:

  • Fixed Angle: SE-12, SA-300, SS-34, SM-24, SH.MT, F-20.Micro, SA-600, SLA-1000, SLA-1500, SLA-3000, GSA, GS-3, SLA-600TC, SLC-4000
  • Swinging Bucket: SH-80, HB-6, SH-3000, HS-4
  • Vertical: SV-80, SV-288
  • Zonal: TZ-28
  • Continuous-flow: SS-34/KSB, TZ-28/GK

SUPRAspeed rotors

  • Fixed-angle: F-28/13, F-28/36, F-28/50, F-16/250
  • Swinging-bucket: S-20/17, S-20/20, S-20/36
Rotors available from Lab Recyclers:
  • SM-24 (ID 2378) 24 x 16ml fixed angle rotor  Price:  $1,850
  • SS-34 (ID 4594)  8 x 50ml fixed angle rotor  Price:  $4,000
  • HB-6   6 x 1000ml swinging bucket rotor  Price:  $4,000
  • GSA (ID 4592)  6 x 250ml swinging bucket rotor  Price:  $1,500
  • GS-3 (ID 4745)  6 x 500ml fixed angle rotor Price:  $1,200
  • SLA-1500 (ID 5918) 6 x 250ml swinging bucket rotor  Price $3,225

Technical data:

  • Max. speed: 21,000 rpm
  • Max. RCF: 51,427 x g
  • Max. capacity: 4 liters

Electrical Plug configuration:  NEMA 6-30P  (Requires NEMA 6-30R receptacle)