Product ID: 4362

Shizmadu VP HPLC System with Workstation

Manufacturer: Untitled

Weight: 150 lbs


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#6507 Excellent Yes As Is
Price: $20,000.00

Sale: $8,000.00

Shizmadu VP HPLC System with Workstation
Condition: Excellent
Guarantee: 15 day
Warranty: None, 30 day warranty is available at additional cost.
  • Shimadzu FRC-10A Fraction Collector
  • 2 racks and test tubes
  • Shimadzu SCL-10A VP HPLC System Controller
  • Shimadzu SPD-10AV UV-Vis HPLC Detector
  • Shimadzu LC-10AT HPLC pump
  • Shimadzu LC-10AD HPLC pump
  • FCV-10AL Low Pressure Gradient Unit
  • Computer workstation with Shimadzu Class VP software
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Powercords