Product ID: 2941

Shimadzu SCL-10A VP HPLC System Controller

Manufacturer: Shimadzu

Model: SCL-10AVP

Weight: 25 lbs

Electrical: 115v, 50/60Hz


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#3959 Excellent As Is As Is

Shimadzu  SCL-10A VP HPLC System Controller
Condition: Excellent, Passed all diagnostic tests, all keys/menus function, turned pump and oven on/off.
Guarantee: As Is
Warranty: None

  • System Controller
  • Power Cord


  • The new controller features many improvements including a larger, more legible display and customizable menus which simplify systemoperation for novice and advanced users. 
  • Menus can now be tailored to see onlythe parameters that you care about. 
  • Function keys,detailed help information (with valid parameter ranges), and a graphical user interface streamlineparameter setup and instrument operation.
  • Built-in validation support functions help you comply withGLP/GMP regulations and enhance productivity by reducing the labor required toperform validation tasks. 
  • A record of each modules operation is preserved andcan be reviewed on-screen.
  • Save method parameters to the built-in 3.5" disk drivefor reference and for secure transfer to other VP Series HPLC systems. 
  • ROMversion updates are downloaded from disk for easy updating.
  • Operate your isocratic system with a simplified parameter setup.
  • Enterpump flow rate, detector wavelength, column oven temperature and auto injector batch schedule parameters, and begin your run.
  • The SCL-10AVPs advanced mode accesses full VP Seriescapability,including the autoinjectors automated advanced sample pretreatmentfunctionality. 
  • All operational parameters are controlled by the SCL-10AVP.
  • Display: Backlit LCD display (320 × 240 dots)
  • Floppy Disk Drive: Double sided high density track, Disk: 2HD
  • External start input (MAN. INJ. in): 1
  • Error input (ALARM IN): 3
  • Output (EVENT1,2,3,4): 4
  • External power switch control (AC REMOTE): 1
  • Optical Link (OPT LINK): 1 (for Chromatopac)
  • RS-232C: 1 (for PC)
  • Remote Signal: 8 (for LC-10AVP/10A module control)
  • Solvent delivery unit: max. 3
  • Autoinjector: 1
  • Column Oven: 1
  • Detectors: max. 2
  • Fraction Collector: 1
  • Sub-controller or valve interface: 1
  • 2 or 6 position valve: 2 (via Sub-controller or valve interface)
  • Solenoid valve unit: 1 (via Sub-controller or solvent delivery unit)
  • He degassing unit: (via Sub-controller or solvent delivery unit)
  • Analysis file: 20 files (parameters, time programs)
  • Time program: Total 400 steps, 0.01~9999.9 min
  • Fraction collector file: 10 files (parameters, time programs)
  • Time program: Total 100 steps, 0.33~9999.9 min,
  • Autoinjector sequence file or analysis sequence file: 102 steps
  • Autoinjector Sample/Pretreatment file: 20 files, 250 byte/file