Product ID: 2990

Primus double door cGMP autoclave (26x25x38 in. WxHxD)

Manufacturer: Primus

Model: PP202038/D

Weight: 1800 lbs

Electrical: 120V


Item ID Condition Guarantee Warranty Price Request Quote
#4058 Fully Rebuilt / Excellent Yes 90 days

Primus double door cGMP autoclave (26x25x38 in. WxHxD)
Fully Rebuilt / Excellent

  • One-year Warranty on Pressure vessel
  • 90-day warranty on all other parts and labor; does not include periodic maintenance which is required to keep warranty current.


  • Primus sterilizer with 4 shelves
  • Controller package
  • Stainless steel biocontainment seal
Reconditioning process includes:
  • Bead blast chamber interior if needed
  • Rebuild piping package and other components as needed
  • Rebuild or replace valves and traps
  • Test Controls and re-build or replace, as necessary
  • Repaint support frame if needed 
  • Rebuild door if needed 
  • Extensively test finished unit


  • Pressure vessels are constructed of solid stainless steel. The interior chamber surface is polished to a mirror finish and the reflective chamber finish sets the highest standard for cleanliness and offers easy spill clean-up and resistance to staining and degradation.
  • The PRIMUS vertically sliding door design is efficient, reliable and inherently safe.
  • All PRIMUS steam sterilizers include Gravity, Vacuum and Liquid cycle settings.
  • General Purpose sterilizers provide for steam sterilization and decontamination of laboratory research and animal care products. Applications include wrapped and unwrapped hard goods, animal feed and bedding, cages and textiles. Liquids in self-venting and open containers are sterilized using Liquid cycle settings.
  • An industrial microprocessor providing accuracy and automation.
  •  The vessel material is a non-laminated solid stainless steel plate/sheet. The chamber, headring and door plate material is 316L stainless steel;
  • The vessel is designed and constructed to ASME code Section VIII Division I and pressure rated for 45 PSIG and full vacuum;
  • DOOR CONSTRUCTION-In the open position, the insulated door is secured behind a panel preventing the operator from contact with hot surfaces. An interlock prevents cycle start unless door is closed and locked.
  • GENERAL CONSTRUCTION-The vessel is insulated with 1-inch semi-rigid high temperature fiberglass board/blanket insulation overlaid with formed aluminum paneling and mounted in a structural steel frame. The frame has been enamel coated and fitted with adjustable legs on self-centering floor pads. The fascia and side panels are 16-gauge, type 304 stainless-steel, removable for easy service access.
  • Chamber dimensions: 26"x25"x38-5/8"  WxLxH

These sterilizers are designed for laboratory applications including research laboratories, bio-containment and animal care facilities. PRIMUS sterilizers are designed and manufactured in the USA according to  Quality Management Systems which are in compliance with ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003, CMDCAS and FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for Medical Devices: General Regulation (21CFR Part 820).

Options & Accessories:
  • Steam Generator