Product ID: 4176

New, Yamato RE-200-100B Rotary Evaporator w/ bath and condenser B

Manufacturer: Yamato Scientific America, Inc.

Model: RE-200-184

Weight: 24 lbs

Electrical: 115V AC


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#6110 New Yes 1 year
List: $2,600.00

New, Yamato RE-200-100B Rotary Evaporator w/ bath and condenser B
Guarantee: 15 Day Money Back Guarantee
Warranty: 1 Year
  • BM-100 bath
  • Condenser B [Vertical condenser]
  • Evaporators: All units are equipped with a sparkless induction high torque motor to ensure constant rotation, and an adjustable steam duct.
  • RE-200   Manual Lift - Analog Control
  • Ideal for reliable performance at an economical price.
  • Control knob offers manual adjustment of rotation speed from 20~ 80 rpm. Optional arm or support jack are available for smooth, easy adjustment.
  • Water Baths: All water baths operate from ambient +5C to 95C and include a thermal fuse to protect from overtemperature due to low water level. Thermometer is included to verify actual temperature.  BM-200 and BM-400 models are equipped with an insulated shield to help prevent glassware breakage.
  • BM-100  3.7 liter capacity with analog control
  • BM-200  7.0 liter capacity with analog control
  • Glassware: The following include:  1 liter evaporation flask, inlet feed tube-stop cock, four way connector (for B & C configurations), clamps and an adjustable steam duct.
  • Glassware A    Standard Diagonal Condenser Set
  • Glassware B    Vertical Condenser Set
  • Glassware C    Refrigerant Condenser Set 
  • Glassware C1  Refrigerant Set, 1 piece Direct Connect
  • Glassware C2  Refrigerant Set, 2 piece Direct Connect   
  • System requires a Vacuum - either a Water aspirator or Vacuum pump.  If a Vacuum pump is used, a pump with a pump rate of 30 cu. ft. per hour at mbar (1 torr) is required.
Options & Accessories:
  • Other optional glassware sets available.
  • Arm-Jack is sold separately [Part No. JK-200]