Product ID: 4647

New PurAir VLF24 vertical laminar flow hood

Manufacturer: Air Science

Model: VLF24

Weight: 228 lbs

Electrical: 120V


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#6898 New Yes 2 years

 New PurAir VLF24 vertical laminar flow hood
Condition: New
Guarantee: 15 Day Money Back Guarantee
Warranty: 2 year limited manufacturers warranty [excludes filters and consumables]
  • 2ft wide Vertical Laminar Flow Hood
  • Duplex GFCI electrical outlet 
  • Purair VLF and HLF cabinets have an ULPA filter pressure gauge to measure filter performance.
  • Built-in work surface
  • Room air enters from the top of the cabinet through a disposable pre-filter; this traps larger particles and increases filter life.
  • Air is forced evenly across the ULPA filter in a stream of clean, uniform air within the work zone. This dilutes and flushes airborne contaminants from the interior.
  • A nominal filter face velocity of 0-45 m/s (90 fpm) ensures a sufficient number of air changes to maintain cleanliness within the work zone.
  • The purified air travels down to the work zone in a vertical, unidirectional down flow stream, exiting the work zone across the entire open cabinet front area after deflecting off the work surface. Rear wall perforations are designed to reduce work surface turbulence and minimize the possibility of dead air corners in the work zone.
  • The main filter gasket evenly seals the filter face to prevent bypass air leakage. Our pour-in-place silicone gasket out performs traditional style stick-on "dove-tail" gasketing.
  • Purair Laminar Flow Cabinets are shipped fully assembled. No installation is required; just plug them in and use them.
  • Products are designed for desktop use, or may be installed on an optional mobile base stand.
  • The rear wall of vertical flow cabinets is perforated to reduce work surface turbulence by removing some of the airfl ow to the rear.
  • Horizontal flow cabinets are designed with a lip on the rear of the work surface to protect the ULPA filter from spills.
  • High capacity air handling system delivers flow velocity of 0.45 m/s or 90 fpm.
  • The Air Science filters are easy to access, easy to change.
  • Purair Laminar Flow products are constructed of steel with Air Sciences exclusive MICROgone anti-microbial powder finish coating
Optional accessories
  • Base Stand 34-in. tall with leveling feet OR locking castors 
  • UV Lamp with Front Cover
  • Service fitting for air/gas/vacuum/nitrogen
  • IV bar with 6 stainless hooks