Product ID: 4391

New PURAIR Basic P5-36 Ductless Fume Hood [3-Foot]

Manufacturer: Untitled

Model: P5-36

Weight: 152 lbs

Electrical: 110V, 60 Hz, Single Phase


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#6558 New Yes 2 years

New PURAIR 5 Basic Ductless Fume Hood [3-Foot]
New from manufacturer
15 Day Money Back Guarantee
Two [2] year manufacturer's warranty on parts and labor - except filters.
  • 36" W ductless fume hood


  • Integral fluorescent lighting (explosion safe and mounted out of operator line of sight
  • (2) Rear-mounted cable slip ports 
  • Fan Speed Controller 
  • Low airflow alarm, 100 f/m face velocity
  • Self securing hinged door panels;
  • Whisper Quiet 55 dBa brushless and sparkless Centrifugal fan
  • Clear acrylic side panels
  • FILTRETE electrostatic pre-filter
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Epoxy coated steel construction
  • Prefilter [2] for Dusts [Included]


  • Internal height - 19 inches.
  • Airflow [CFM] - 206
  • Face Velocity [FPM] - 100
  • Lighting - 18 watts
  • Noise level - less than 55dBA
  • Working base area [inches] - 22.8 x 36
Main carbon filters: 
  • Over 14 different types of  activated carbon filter media are available.  These formulas can be customized or layered into a configuration to best suit your specific application.  Most common:
  • GP Plus [for solvents, alcohols, organics] 
  • FOR [for formadehyde] 
  • HEPA filters are also available for applications involving particulates and can be combined with any of our activated carbon filters.
  • GP Plus - Main carbon filter [for solvents, alcohols, organics] [Not Included]. Ten pounds of carbon in each carbon filter]
  • For more Carbon Filter options, contact Lab Recyclers.
Options & Accessories:
  • Chemical resistant spillage tray 
  • Heavy duty steel cart with lockable casters 
  • Extra Tall [internal height 24-inches] 
  • Dwyer Continuous Airflow Display
  • Extra height fume hood 
  • Reduced depth worksurface