Product ID: 2279

Napco 6300 Dual chamber CO2 Incubator

Manufacturer: Napco

Model: 6300

Weight: 425 lbs

Electrical: 120 v 50/60hz


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Napco 6300 CO2 Incubator

The Napco 6300 is a dual vertical chamber incubator designed for uniformity and operational convenience.  Each chamber is completely independent and is equipped with its own control system, panel indicators and heating.  Electronic control system includes CO2 Sensor and controlled convection.  The Napco 6300 can also be used a regular incubator without connecting CO2.

  • CO2 Range: 0 to 15 percent
  • CO2 Control: 0 to 15 percent
  • CO2 Uniformity: plus or minus 0.25C
  • Temperature Range: 5C above ambient to 55C
  • Temperature Control: 0.1C
  • Temperature Uniformity: plus or minus 0.25C
  • Thermal conductivity sensor 
  •  Automatic CO2 injection
  • 2 shelves in each unit: each shelf is 16in x 25in x 17in
  • Primary and Secondary temperature settings
  • Water pan included