Product ID: 4737

Hamilton Plastic Laminate Casework

Manufacturer: Hamilton


Item ID Condition Guarantee Warranty Price Request Quote
#7061 Excellent Yes As Is

 10 Ft. Plastic Laminate Casework Island with Reagent Rack:  10 ft x 5 ft

Condition: Fully Rebuilt/Excellent

Guarantee: 15 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • 20-feet plastic lamiante base cabinets

  • (2) 14-inch end panels

  • 20-feet New Trespa TopLab phenolic-resin countertop

  • 10-foot two-tier reagent rack

  • 20- foot electrical wiremold for reagent rack system (Optional data ports available)

  • Packaging for Commom Carrier shipment

  • Installation instructions
  • Dimensions: 10 ft x 5 ft

Options & Accessories:

  • 5 foot sink assembly to attach to end of island [includes sink basin, Hot/Cold Gooseneck Mixing faucet with Vacuum break, base cabinet, countertop, and (2) 7-in. wide side panels]
  • Duplex electrical tombstone[s] instead of Wire mold [request revised quote]
  • Countertop gas package[s] 
  • Knee space [30" and 36" wide available] with kick panels.

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