Product ID: 2712

Getinge/Castle Model 4233 Vacuum/Gravity Steam Sterilizer (25.5 x 61.5 x 78)

Manufacturer: Getinge/Castle

Model: 4233

Weight: 4500 lbs

Electrical: 120V/15A


Item ID Condition Guarantee Warranty Price Request Quote
#3598 Very Good Yes 90 days
List: $225,000.00

Getinge/Castle Model 4233 Vacuum/Gravity Steam Sterilizer (25.5 x 61.5 x 78)
Condition: Very Good
Guarantee: 15 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • One-year Warranty on Pressure vessel
  • 90-day warranty on all other parts and labor; does not include periodic maintenance which is required to keep warranty current.


  • 4233 Steam Sterilizer
  • Loading car
  • Transfer carriage
  • Manuals


  • Polished chamber interior
  • Power operated door.  Slides clear for total access
  • Hinged front control panel for easy servicing
  • Large 5.7 inch VGA color display
  • Microprocessor controlled with thermal printer
  • Large SS chamber
  • Loading car
  • Transfer carriage
  • Single door
  • Chamber volume:  2040L  (72 cu. ft)
  • Interior chamber size:  25.5W x 61.5T x 78D inches
  • Chamber construction:  Stainless Steel
  • Standard cycles:  Up to 14 cycles

Reconditioning includes:

  • Bead blast chamber interior
  • Replace insulation
  • Rebuild piping package and other components as needed
  • Rebuild valves and traps
  • Test Controls and re-build or replace, as necessary
  • Clean and flush blowdown package
  • Repaint support frame if needed 
  • Rebuild door if needed 
  • Extensively test finished unit

A microcomputer-controlled automatic steam sterilizer which employs a pressure/vacuum pulsing conditioning principle for air removal. The non-volatile programmed microcomputer monitors and sequences all cycle phases and provides both audible and visual notification in the event of component failure or deviation from proper operating parameters. For efficient, high-volume sterilization of wrapped dry goods (linens/gowns) and hard goods (instruments/utensils) in hospitals and laboratories. A gravity cycle is provided for unwrapped hard goods. A liquid cycle is also provided, employing gravity air removal and slow exhaust. 

For general-purpose gravity or vacuum steam sterilization and decontamination of laboratory, research and animal care supplies.  The selectable temperature range is from 230°F to 275°F (110°C to 135°C) and from 219°F to 275°F (104°C to 135°C) for liquid cycles. Typical applications include wrapped and unwrapped hard goods, animal cages with bedding, textiles, and linens and liquids in self-venting or unsealed containers. The liquid exhaust is microcomputer controlled for linear and consistent liquid cool down and programmable within a specified range.

Options & Acessories:

  • GETINGE 4003 Load Cart: The Getinge Floor Loading Sterilizer Cart is an all-purpose cart designed for processing, transportation and storage. The cart is constructed to resist the corrosive action of high temperature steam sterilization. The cart is specifically designed for use with Getinge Floor Loading Sterilizers and Washers. Since the cart is mobile, it saves space that would otherwise be dedicated for conventional transfer carriages.
  • GETINGE 4004 Transfer Carriage: The 4004 Transfer Carriage provides easy movement of a 4003RC cart within the immediate sterilizer area. The 4004 Transfer Carriage is not intended as a general-purpose transportation cart when not used with the sterilizer. One Transfer Carriage is required for each load cart.