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BioComp Piston Gradient Fractionator 152

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Model: 152


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#7207 Very Good As Is As Is

BioComp PGF ip Piston Gradient Fractionator
Condition: Very Good


  • Dimensions: 14”W x16”D x 22”H 
  • Input Power: 90-240VAC, 0.4A, 50-60Hz.
  • Piston Speed: 0.01-6.5 mm/sec down, 6.5 mm/sec upward
  • Fraction Size: 0.01mm - full tube length
  • Number of Fractions: 1-99 in each of 10 sections per gradient
  • Band Illumination System: 20W halogen spot with dichroic reflector
  • Rinse Capability (programmable in any order, up to 9 events between each fraction): Continuous air to section outflow with air bubbles during fractionation, Air on demand or automatically between fractions: 15 msec to 9 sec, Water/Buffer on demand or automatically: 15 msec to 9 sec
  • Delay (a programmed interval between fractions): 15 msec to 9 sec
  • Pause (an indefinite pause between fractions, broken by pressing START)
  • Fraction Advance (a contact closure that signals a connected fraction collector to advance one fraction): 15 msec to 9 sec pulse
  • User Memories: 20. Each memory performs automatic fractionation of a specific gradient and contains up to 10 different segments with each segment containing user entered values of piston speed, distance per fraction, number of fractions and rinse.
  • Macro Record: The device will reproduce a manual run if it is recorded using this feature. The memory becomes one of the 20 memories listed above and can be edited and saved