Product ID: 1969

AMSCO Eagle 3031 GP sterilizer (16x16x26D) - Reconditioned

Manufacturer: AMSCO

Model: 3031

Weight: 2400 lbs


Item ID Condition Guarantee Warranty Price Request Quote
#2354 Fully Rebuilt / Excellent Yes 1 year

AMSCO Eagle 3031 GP sterilizer (16x16x26D) - Reconditioned
Condition: Excellent

  • Chamber size:  16"x16"x26" WxHxD
  • Single door
  • Stage 3 digital controller
  • General purpose
  • SS Cabinet
  • Printer

Shipping weight - 2,545 lbs.

Reconditioning process:

Click on Images to view a Pdf file detailing the Reconditioning process. 


  • Water pressure booster pump
  • Load car and transfer carriage

Other medium size steam sterilizers available

  • Various chamber sizes:  24x36x36, 24x36x48, and 24x36x60 inches
  • Type:  General purpose [Gravity] or Vacuum
  • Recessed or cabinet
  • Single door or double door

All include One-year parts and labor warranty