Product ID: 3707

AMSCO 3053 steam sterilizer (24Wx36Hx74D) double door Vac

Manufacturer: AMSCO

Model: 3053

Weight: 4095 lbs

Electrical: 120V


Item ID Condition Guarantee Warranty Price Request Quote
#5277 Fully Rebuilt / Very Good Yes As Is

AMSCO 3053 steam sterilizer (24Wx36Hx74D) double door Vac
Reconditioned upon receipt of earlier. Removed from operational lab.  Has not been operated since 2012.
Guarantee: Yes

  • One-year Warranty on Pressure vessel
  • 90-day warranty on all other parts and labor; does not include periodic maintenance which is required to keep warranty current.
Reconditioning process: 
  • Bead blast chamber interior if needed
  • Replace insulation if needed
  • Rebuild piping package and other components as needed
  • Rebuild valves and traps
  • Test Controls and re-build or replace, as necessary
  • Repaint support frame if needed 
  • Rebuild doors if needed 
  • Extensively test finished unit


  • AMSCO 3053 Double door sterilizer
  • Stage 3 control column
  • Transfer Carriage


  • Gravity / Pre-Vacuum cycles
  • Double Door Sterilizer
  • Stage 3 controls with integrated thermal printer 
  • 24 in. wide x 36 in. high x 74 in. deep Pressure Chamber
  • Radial Arm Door
  • Designed to be recessed in one wall
  • Designed for Sterilization of Liquids in Flasks with Vented Closures at 250°F ( 122°C )
  • Heat-and-Moisture-Stable Goods at 270°F ( 132°C )
  • Pre-Vacuum Designed for Efficient, High-Volume Processing of Heat-and-Moisture-Stabile Materials(Fabrics, Wrapped Hard Goods, Glassware at 270°F ( 132°C ))
  • Control Column Includes an Easy-to-Read Display
  • Est. Shipping weight - 4,095 lbs.
Sales options:  Lab Recyclers offers this product four different ways-- As Is, Working condition, Fully refurbished with original control packages, and fully refurbished with new control packages
Options & Accessories:
  • New ElectroSteam steam generator (240V/120A or 480V/60A)
  • New ElectroSteam Clean Steam Generator
  • Auto blowdown for generator
  • Water pressure booster pump
  • Load cart
  • New Control Package with 2 controls