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PBI SAS Super 180 Microbiological Air Sampler package

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Model: SAS Super 180

Weight: 25 lbs.

Package Includes:

  • PBI SAS Super 180 air sampler

  • Light case Aluminum carrying case

  • AC battery charger

  • 1 Sample head: 55mm contact plate

The SAS Super 100 & 180 microbial air samplers are the top choices of the world's leading pharmaceutical and food companies, as well as numerous governments around the world for detection of microbial contamination and air quality testing.  Featuring a powerful, high volume air flow of 100 and 180 liters per minute, respectively, the Super 100 & Super 180 are the perfect choices for your demanding air sampling needs -- whether it be in a cleanroom, hospital, or place of research.

Key Benefits 

  • Fully compliant with national and international standards for environmental air monitoring - including those set by: ISO 14698, EU GLP-GMP, EN45001, ACGIH, USP 1116, and USP 797

  • Fast sampling time - less than six minutes for SAS Super 180 high volume air sampler to sample 1,000 liters of air; ten minutes for SAS Super 100

  • SAS air sampler Low running cost & operational flexibility - no need to purchase expensive, proprietary media strips, cassettes, or plates. Standard 55mm contact plates or 90mm petri dishes can be used

  • 100% sampling efficiency - head allows 100% sampling efficiency for particles down to 1 micron

  • 7 hour battery life - over 40,000 liters sampled on one power pack charge, to ensure your air sampler doesn't run out of charge in the middle of a cycle; overnight standard charger or optional 2.5 hour fast charger available

  • SAS air sampler Full traceability - records day, time, site, volume of air sampled, and operator's name to ensure full traceability

  • Easy-to-use - large back-lit screen with intuitive menu; active operation status confirmed by flashing red LED; lightweight yet durable 1.7kg

  • Data transfer & reporting according to GLP-GMP - RS232 output for PC printer connection; computer software allows data to be reported electronically and plotted according to EN45001 specifications 

  • NIST traceable certificate of calibration with all units

  • Certified, autoclavable AISI 316 stainless steel aspirating head - each head is particle emission free for clean rooms, autoclavable, and certified with laser-engraved serial number

  • Multiple language choice - programmable language selection for English, Spanish, German, and French

  • SAS air sampler Interval sampling, delayed start, & remote control options - programmable start time, time between aspirations, volume of air for each aspiration, and total air volume to be sampled; can be controlled by infrared remote control

  • Durable construction - molded polyresin housing for added strength and operational life; 99% of the SAS units sold since 1979 in North America are still in use today

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